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Lily Allen Slams Tidal, Jay Z’s Streaming Service

Jay Z had some serious star power when he and a stageful of fellow big-name artists launched Tidal earlier this week.

Beyoncé, of course, plus Kanye West, Chris Martin, Nicki Minaj, Madonna and more with a reported stake in the streaming service were there urging music fans to ride their latest wave, but not everyone’s saying, “So, long, Spotify”—enter Lily Allen!

Initially, the “Smile” singer’s Tidal opposition was pretty tame. “My concern is that Tidal may set emerging artists back,” she tweeted. “Hosting exclusive [content] from the biggest stars on the planet on a paying platform, while I agree with its intention, I fear it will send people back to pirate/torrent sites.”

It seemed, however, that a tweet from Tidal (which stated that “Around 75% of the monthly subscription is passed back to music labels etc who then distribute to artists & songwriters”) set her off.

“Wow,” Lily wrote in response, “so if you’re a Co owning artist you see a cut of the 25% profit, and let’s face it, probably a larger chunk of the 75% than most artists.”

(E! News reached out to Tidal for comment on how royalties are distributed, but we did not receive an immediate response.)

Lily’s tweets took a more heated turn on Thursday, but her grievances were with the so-called #Tidal 16 and with the record labels receiving royalties from Tidal and other similar streaming services.

She also made a very non-Taylor Swift move. “Spotify aren’t ripping artist off,” she tweeted. “I [heart] Spotify and streaming, but Tidal tried to sell themselves as being…different, ‘giving more to the artist,’ which may well be their long term plan…but actually, they’re denying people the freemium option, and giving more money to major labels. ”

Lily says she’s not bitter, either. “If I wanted to be relevant or as rich as the #Tidal 16, I wouldn’t still be working in music,” she tweeted. “Or I would have shut up and played the game long ago.”

She’s not the only one who isn’t completely sold on the streaming service. Vania Schlogel, Tidal’s chief investment officer and chief industry liaison, addressed some of the backlash in an interview with Billboard saying that “…now there’s so much more to do—we can do anything.  Like ‘Hey, can we do this, can we do that going forward?’ Then we just stopped and realized we can do anything.”

“What we’re promising to people is, “This is gonna continue to evolve,” added the Tidal exec, “and we really mean that. We’re a young company, we just took control of it not that long ago, so if anyone is skeptical at all about, “Hey you don’t have that feature or that activity in it,” just bear with us, hold, wait, be patient and invest that time because the artists, me, everyone want to deliver something that’s going to be incredible and continue to evolve.”


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29.03 Departing Nice Airport in France
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27.03 Arriving in Nice, France
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28.03 Rose Ball 2015 in Monte-Carlo, Monaco
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NEW CANDIDS: March 24th
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Lily Allen in Comic Relief’s Fashion Shoot Video

With just over a week until Red Nose Day, the celebrities are out in force promoting the designer T-shirts sold for Comic Relief at TK Maxx.

The likes of Lily Allen, Dermot O’Leary and Nicole Scherzinger have modelled the shirts in images already released, but now there’s a behind-the-scenes video of the photo shoot.

In the video, the celebrities urge the public to play their part in fundraising for the cause.

Allen says: “There are people here in the UK and in Africa who need your help. So please buy a T-shirt – they look pretty cool!”


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Lily Allen set to join the Fifty Shades of Grey Sequel


Singer Lily Allen and Fifty Shades of Grey director Sam Taylor Johnson met for a 90 minute long business meeting, sparking rumours they are to work together.

Last Monday they were seen at Hollywood’s most exclusive hotel, the Chateau Marmont, deep in conversation about a forthcoming project.

And friends say that the sequel to the current Fifty Shade of Grey movie is the obvious job for Lily, whether it’s to sing the soundtrack or have a cameo role like fellow Brit popstar Rita Ora.

Lily and Sam 47, met up the morning after the Oscars, along with the movie mogul’s husband Aaron.

Both were making notes and nodding their heads profusely.

A source said: “They were definitely making some plans. They are friends, and move in the same circles in London, they’re in that trendy set. Lily would be the perfect person to work on the next Fifty Shades movie.

“She is cool and young, and would bring a new edge to it, especially after all of the rows that have supposedly gone on behind the scenes.

“Lily is an extremely talented and versatile star who would do a fantastic job.”


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Gallery Update: 22.02 Chanel And Charles Finch Pre-Oscar Dinner – Arrivals
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Gallery Update: 22.02 Arriving at Chanel Pre Oscar Party in Los Angeles
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18.02 Visiting a Pharmacy Store in Brentwood, CA
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